I'm working on a series of paintings and moving image work based on my experience of dancing with synaesthesia. This natural state of augmented reality creates trippy visions in my mind's eye such as colourful music, scents, colours and numbers, and is a constant reminder that society's perception of the world is essentially an ever changing collective dream.  

My ongoing series of Futurism inspired synaesthesia paintings recall memories of dancing to particular songs in locations that perfectly complement their synaesthesia patterns. Thick layers of paint and blurred distorted figures reflect the explosive power of music upon crowds of people, and the near religious ecstasy of dancers losing themselves in music. 

Alongside the paintings, I am working on a series of synaesthesia test videos. These include simple motion graphics visualisations of different songs synaesthesia patterns, and also videos combining these patterns with footage of people dancing.

 Eventually I'll develop an ambitious moving image installation which will truly show what dancing with synaesthesia is like, while also raising questions about perception and reality.


Split screen piece that is made up of a Zoom-like window into an abandoned world. The work combines stock footage of nature with binaural soundscapes and ASMR readings of haiku. Created to allow a momentary escape from the confines of lockdown into a rich natural (yet obviously artificial) environment. For the best trip please listen with headphones!


35mm travel photography series showing a slice of life in Japan. Soon to be available as a coffee table book - for enquiries please contact me at rjculverhouse@gmail.com

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